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Andrew Schoessel


Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri

College: Aurora University

Degree: B.A. Finance

NMLS: 1458753

Q & A

Q: What was the first job you ever had?

A: I worked at Silky’s Frozen Custard. In the Midwest Frozen Custard is bigger than ice cream. I used to get off school at 3 pm and race to work until 12 am. My parents weren’t too happy about the hours, but I really enjoyed working.

Q: What is something you just cant live without?

A: Honestly, my dog Rhea. We picked her up from the shelter last year and I can’t imagine not having her. She’s a goofy dog but that’s the best part.

Q: What got you into mortgages?

A: Graduating with a degree in finance, I really enjoyed working with numbers. I never liked working with calculus or abstract math. Statistics and interest rates always made a lot more sense. So for me being able to work in real estate, but do more than just being an agent sounded great.

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