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Homeowners can be confident that Northern Lakes will quickly get them the cash they need through our streamlined and simplified process.

What our clients say.

"Had a great experience with our refi. Nikolas was attentive, knowledgeable and so easy to work with. Deadlines were consistently met, and he always informed us if there were better rates or options we should consider. Thankful for the ease of this refi!

- Charis

“I had a great experience with Northern Lakes! I reached out looking for a refinance and was a little weary going somewhere else than my original bank, but was pleasantly surprised! The process was very simple, transparent, and Andrew was very adamant on making sure I was updated and informed at every step of the process.”

– Kathey

“Joseph is such a kind and pleasant person to work with. He answered all our questions. Unlike other refinance companies once the closing is over, they forget you. No, Joseph has checked in with me multiple times since closing. Amazing company.”

– Marton

“Andrew was so great to work with. I’m in the mortgage business and I was impressed with his timeliness and how he always let me know what was going on.”

– Josh

“Best mortgage experience… Andrew made the process seamless, fast and easy. Would recommend to friends and family and will be back…”

– Jessica

“We had the best experience working with Joseph at Northern Lakes Mortgage. He was responsive, kept in touch with us, answered our questions, and was very professional. [We were] pleasantly surprised by the care Joseph put into his work… ”

– Brooke

“We have refinanced our home in the past. We have never ever had such a positive experience. Northern Lakes Mortgage makes your refinance so incredibly easy and fast. I literally had one or two documents to show…Trust them they are safe, fast and honest.”

– Lori

“Northern has been prompt, professional and so delightful to work with. I have received a wealth of knowledge working with them for my loan. I will recommend this company over and over to all my friends and family!”

– Danielle

“Northern explained every step of the process, ensuring I was comfortable from start to finish. They are full of knowledge and a great resource for help getting a home. Would love to work with them again!”

– Adam


4.8 Star Rating Overall


Updated Refinance Process

We specialize in speed.

We have aastreamlined process to lower your monthly mortgage payment. Our unique product focuses on lowering your monthly mortgage payment by removing MIP or PMI, and lowering your rate

Common Questions


What is Homeowner Certainty?

Remove your MIP or PMI with no appraisal and streamlined documents, done in as few as 14 days.


What services does Northern Offer?

When you contact us, we can help you lower your monthly payments, consolidate debt, or make home improvements.


What makes Northern different from other mortgage companies?

We provide a speedy, streamlined and simple process. One that strips away all the frustration of a traditional mortgage process.

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