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Justin Dungan | Northern Lakes Mortgage

Justin Dungan


Hometown: Fulton, MO

College: University of Central Missouri

Degree: B.S. Management

NMLS: 2223457

Q & A

Q: What was the first job you ever had?

A: I was a waiter at China Palace throughout high school. It has been years since I worked there, but most of my dinners at home are inspired by the work I saw done in that kitchen.

Q: What is something you just cant live without?

A: The outdoors. I love hiking, kayaking & camping and I wouldn’t give them up for anything!

Q: What got you into mortgages?

A: I’m a big fan of people & puzzles. In the past I’ve worked in positions that had me piecing together unique solutions and other times I’ve gotten to work with fun and new people. Mortgage origination seemed like a perfect combination of both.

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