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Nikolas Velleca | Northern Lakes Mortgage

Nikolas Velleca


Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

College: Miami University

Degree: B.A. Integrated Marketing

NMLS: 1455086

Q & A

Q: What was the first job you ever had?

A: My first real job was Mike’s Express Car Wash! They hired me the day after I turned 16 and I’ve been working full-time ever since!

Q: What is something you just cant live without?

A: Bottled water! I am constantly pacing on the phone, so having on demand water is about the only healthy habit I have.

Q: What got you into mortgages?

A: I moved to a brand new city with no connections right after I graduated college. It was nothing other than I fell into it, but have loved it the whole time. Mortgages are a lot of fun and I’m not sure I can ever do anything else.

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