About Northern Lakes

We empower people to make smarter mortgage decisions.

We believe modern lending should be clear and accessible to everyone, from anywhere, in seconds.


We created Northern to strip away all of the frustrations of the traditional mortgage process.

Our mission is to deliver a modern mortgage experience that’s pleasurable for people: speedystreamlined, and simplified to reflect the digital era, because nailing your personal finance doesn’t have to be a painful process.


Drawing upon our years of experience in the mortgage industry, we created Northern to give people a new way to get a mortgage. Unlike traditional mortgage companies, our only goals are to be speedy and provide first-rate services. We make your mortgage transaction as streamlined as possible — we want to make sure that it doesn’t envelop your life. If there’s an opportunity for us to forgo paperwork to make the process easier, we do it. To save you even more time, we waive most appraisals. We cut through the bureaucracy of the mortgage process to make transactions as easy as possible.

At Northern, our goal is to do the same work as traditional mortgage companies more efficiently and quickly. We want this to be the easiest, fastest and lowest documentation process you’ve ever experienced. That’s what we aim to embody — exemplary customer service without the headaches and frustration.

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Northern Loan Officers

Just send us a text and we’ll connect you with a licensed Northern Loan Officer. Meet any of these 4. Talk with Ciara, Nikolas, Justin, or Joe and many others. We’re all ready to help.

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About Northern

How we got started

After founding Northern Lakes Mortgage, we discovered that people needed an easier and more straightforward way to get a mortgage. As a result, we created Northern, a texting platform that empowers people to easily make smarter mortgage decisions.

About Northern

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